This Department manages patients with problems in the oral and maxillofacial region (mouth, jaws and face), These problems include injuries, deformities, pathology (oral cancers, benign tumours, cysts, white lesions etc), impacted teeth and infections. Reconstructive Surgery is sometimes performed following excision of tumours.

Patients with facial and oral pain are also managed in this clinic and some of therse patients are subsequently referred to the Pain Clinic of Hospital Selayang for further management Other services include constructiong oral and facial prostheses (artificial parts of the mouth and face).

This Department runs combined clinics with visiting Orthodontists to manage maxillofacial deformities and the Onclogists of GHKL to manage oral cancers. The Paediatric Dental Specialist form Klang Hospital runs a Paediatric Dental Clinic at Hospital Selayang.