Patient education program is important in helping patients and their families by providing knowledge, skills and inculcate positive attitude so that they would be able to manage their diseases for a complete rehabilitation process.

Mission,Vision and Objective


To promote health by providing quality, accurate and current health information and behaviour change.


Encouraging society towards a healthy lifestyle through self commitment to achieve a more productive life.


  • To provide health information to the patients and public and increase their knowledge on diseases affecting their health.
  • To inculcate positive attitude and practices to the patients and public so that they will achieve optimum health.
  • To help promoting a healthy nation by disseminating health information to patients, visitors and health staff.

Services Offered

Health Education Unit provides and coordinate:

1. Patient Education Programmes including health education classes for diabetes, hypertension, renal and asthma patients.

2.Health promotion programmes

  • Healthy Lifestyle Campaign eg Physical Activity, Healthy Eating, Not Smoking and Managing Stress. Activities included walking 10,000 steps, talks, exhibition, seminar, training etc.
  • Celebrating Health Events eg World Health Day, World No Tobacco Day, Organ Donation Awareness Week etc.
  • Broadcast in-house EMS TV network & MedikTV daily from 8.30 am to 4.30 pm.

3. Producing & Distributing Health Education Materials

  • Posters, phamplets, booklets, flyers and videos (distributed to wards, departments and to the public)

4. Quit Smoking Clinic

We provide free counselling for clients who wish to stop smoking including in-
patients, staff and walk in clients. The clinic operates every Monday, Wednesday &
Thursday from 9 am to 4 pm and the service is available by appointment.

Talks at Patient Education Classes

Weekly Health Exhibitions at Main Lobby

Health Messages at Visitors Lift


Healthy Lifestyle Campaign & Health Events Celebration Activities

Department Information & Location:

  • Health Education Unit is located at Level 3, within Continuous Medical Education Complex.

  • Quit Smoking Clinic is located at Health Promotion Resource Centre, Level 3 Hospital Selayang

Health Education Unit

Health Promotion Resource Centre / Quit Smoking Clinic

Person Incharge

Head of Unit : Yussani bin Hashim,
Health Education Officer
Tel: 6120 3233 ext 3158

Quit Smoking Clinic Staff : Mohd Nublie bin Rahim,
Assistant Medical Officer
Tel: 6120 3233 ext 3156

For further information on health issues