Total Hospital Information System (THIS)

The Total Hospital Information System in Selayang Hospital is an integration of clinical, administrative and financial systems. The clinical is made up of Hospital Information System (HIS) and Picture Archiving Communication System (PACS). The HIS is made up of various applications (Person Management, Scheduling, Order Management, Clinical Documentation, PIS, LIS, RIS, and so on). The Administration & Finance system as back end is integrated with the HIS so that any chargeable procedures or tests performed on the patients will automatically trigger the generation of the bills. With PACS, the system is also interfaced with the various x-ray machines. So the challenge here is that the integration is so deep and extensive that it is not only between software applications but also between applications and modalities or equipment especially in the radiology, laboratory, intensive care and operating theatres where the system is interfaced directly into the equipment and what ever data or image produced by such equipment will go directly on-line into the system.

In summary, patients' medical records, guidelines and clinical protocols are instantly available and can be assessed in one integrated workstation at any place and at any time in the hospital, provided that the user has proper authority to access the information.

Being an electronic hospital that has taken the initiative to implement THIS, Selayang Hospital has become a showcase to the rest of the world.