Client Charter Hospital Selayang

We are committed to provide professional, safe, quality, friendly and caring healthcare services.

  • Priority will be given to critical cases and semi-critical cases by ensuring waiting time are as follows:

    Emergencv & Trauma
  • Critical cases (Red Zone)will be treated immediately.
  • Semi-critical cases (Yellow Zone)will be treated within 30 minutes.
  • Non-critical cases (Green Zone)will be treated within 90 minutes up180 minutes according to priority of the patient's condition.

  • Services in Specialist Clinic will be provided accordingto registration number and/or patient's condition. Priority will be given to children, pregnant mother, senior citizens, patient with disabilities, pensioners, and cases that are accompanied by police, teacher and healthcare worker from healthcare institution.

  • Ensure at least 29Oo/o cases will be seen by doctors within 90 minutes after acquisition of laboratory/diagnostic results in Specialist Clinic.

  • Provision of an appropriate information regardingtreatment plan, risk, available options, uphold respect and confidentiality to the client.

  • Refers client to other hospital or institution for services that are not available in this hospital.

  • Provision of a written Acknowledgment of Complaint Acceptance to the complainant within one (1) working day after the complaint is received.

  • Provide a clean, comfortable, safe and systematic facilities and environment.