Customer Charter

Each patient will be given appropriate quality medical care at this hospital.
Every patient in need of specialized treatment not available in this hospital will be referred to another hospital with the necessary expertise.
Each customer will be treated well, friendly, considerate, respectful, polite, honest and sincere.
All information about patients and treatment is confidential and is stored in the Medical Records Unit. Such information can only be communicated to the parties with the consent of the subject ot the law.

Each patient will be given a clear explanation of proposed procedures and treatment including the risks and options available.

Charter Core MOH Is Determined As Follow:

All patients were defined by Malaysian Triage Category (MTC) as red case will be treated by medical personnel at a Hospital Emergency Department Immediately - target 100%.

Numerator : Number of MTC Red patients who are attended by ED staff immediately.

Denominator : Total number of MTC Red patients.