1) If I want to complain about the dissatisfaction of customers regarding the services at the health clinic, where I can make a complaint?

You can make a complaint at the District Health Office in the Health Clinic is located or you can contact the Quality Unit, Division of Public Health, State Health Department at: 03-51237304.

2) How do I report the incidence of infectious diseases such as Hand, Foot, Mouth Disease (HFMD), food poisoning, dengue and others that occur in my area?

You can report any infectious diseases as above to the District Health Office in your area or the area where the outbreak occurred.

3) How can I get the vaccination as meningitis vaccination injection for performing umrah?

You can get a shot at the Private Clinic serving the vaccine in your area.

4) How long does someone have to run Radiation Workers periodic medical examinations with 'Books for Radiation Workers Medical Examination LPTA BM / 5 (A)?

Every 3 years.

5) What is the maximum period of validity of the license "USE" allowable radiator apparatus for dental clinics and private schools?

2 years only.

6) Who is the person authorized to operate and use X-ray machines for medical purposes?

Qualified radiographers are allowed. (Refer Circular Director General of Health Malaysia Bil.28 / 2010)

7) HPV Vaccination Campaign (Protect Your Girl Child)

a) What is Cervical Cancer?
Cancer that occurs in the womb (cervix). The third most frequently detected cancer in women after breast cancer and colorectal cancer. The country is estimated 1,500 women diagnosed with cervical cancer each year. Cervical cancer accounts for 6% of cancer deaths in women.

b) Is the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV)?
HPV is the major cause of cervical cancer. Every woman is at risk of contracting HPV after marriage.

c) Is the HPV vaccination?
Immunization given to prevent cervical cancer caused by HPV infection. Vaccination is given by injection in the arm for 3 times in the last 6 months schedule berikutSuntikan first - the date of the first vaccination is given at school / kllinik.
- Second injection - 1 month after the first injection.
- Third injection - 6 months after the first injection.
- The vaccine used for vaccination does not contain dubious products.

d) Why is a girl of 13 years I should get HPV vaccination?
Girls at risk of contracting HPV. The immunization can protect from cervical cancer in the future.
At this time the Ministry of Health only provides for free vaccination to all girls 13 years.

e) Where the girls can get HPV vaccination?
If your daughter to school, vaccination will be given at school. If your daughter does not go to school, get health clinics.

f) What if my daughter were not included in these target groups to get vaccinated?
This vaccine is given only to girls who attend school in Forms 1 and / or 13 years old in the current year. For those who are not included in the targeted groups, vaccination is available in private clinics and hospitals with the specific charge.

g) What is my role as a parent / guardian?
- Give written consent for your child to qualify to receive vaccination for free.
- Make sure your child completes three vaccination for free.
- 3 vaccination can provide optimal protection for your girls from HPV infection.

h) Who is going to give an injection?
Injections will be given by health personnel certified and trained.

i) Is the vaccine is halal?
The vaccine does not contain dubious products.

j) Are the girls will experience problems after an injection?
Vaccination is safe. As with other immunizations, your daughter may experience pain or swelling at the injection site.
In case, your daughter may have other problems as a result of the injection, please seek follow-up treatment in a clinic or hospital.

k) Is this vaccination will cause my son infertile?
No. This vaccine does not cause infertility.

l) What conditions did not allow the girls to be vaccinated, HPV?
Your child will not be vaccinated for the following reasons:
- Have had a severe side effects after receiving an injection of the first or second injection.
- Have had a severe allergy that needs to be treated in hospital.
- Pregnant.

m) Is my action if I miss an appointment date immunization?
If your child is unwell or absent from school on the day of vaccination, a new appointment date will be given by members of Health.

8) HIV Screening Test

a) How to make HIV screening?

Can continue to come to any health clinic nearby and decided to make a voluntary screening (VCT) or anonymous (anonymous). Please refer to the Health Focus to the list of clinics that carry out screening and treatment of HIV.

b) Did the pre-marital screening tests require an appointment and what charges the fees?

Pre-marital screening test does not require an appointment in advance, and the test is free for all citizens.

c) Do I need to come back for my test results?

HIV screening to be completed in 15 minutes and subsequent appointment depending on your test results.

d) How will my confidentiality be maintained?

All records concerning your name and other information are confidential, secret and didilindungi.


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