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Management Division is headed by the Deputy State Health Director (Management) and entrusted to the Director of Health Affairs.


Provide trained, knowledgeable and committed to full and latest facilities personnel according to the instructions / rules prescribed and timely manner to achieve a transparent service, equitable and customer-friendly.


Management Division is responsible for providing support services to:

  • Other parts of the Selangor State Health Department
  • Monitored and coordinate the administrative matters at the responsibility (PTJ2)
  • To act as intermediary between the PTJ and the Ministry of Health (MOH)

These division objective are to :

  • Provide support in human resource management, financial and physical facilities for the preparation of medical, public health, dentistry and pharmacy services in the state.
  • Support the planning and development facilities in services.
  • Provide technical support in the use and development of information technology to enhance efficiency in management.


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