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Public Health

Selangor State Health Department headed by the Director of Health and assisted by five Deputy Directors Health Affairs, who led their respective sections. Each section is responsible for travel activities in their respective programs. Activities under the Public Health Programme is broad and comprehensive in order to ensure that individuals, families and society in general good health. The activities undertaken at the district level supervision by the units follows: -

  •  Family Health Development Unit
  •  Infectious Disease Control Unit
  •  Vector Borne Disease Control Unit
  •  Infection Control Units AIDS / STD
  •  Food Safety and Quality Unit
  •  Engineering Units
  •  Health Promotion Unit
  •  Public Health Quality Unit
  •  Legal and Inspectorate Unit
  •  Nutrition Unit

Customer Charter Public Health Division
i. Managing the Public Health Programme at the Selangor State And The effective introduction of

ii. Provide services characterized Corporate Culture Ministry of Health to All Customers Dealing with the Department.

iii. Ensure All Monthly Report Technical Program State Public Health Prepared Through No One(1) month after the month end.

iv. By providing all information and details required by relevant parties during their 14 Days from the date of application and

v. Always receive comments, views and proposals of the All Party Building In order to enhance Performance and Quality Health Services in the State of Selangor.


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